Point of Sale Solutions

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Slash the time you spend stocktaking, balancing tills, recording sales transactions, transferring stock and changing prices.  Let H&L provide you with a Point of Sale Solution that makes these processes easy… 

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Management Solutions

H&L AUSTRALIA - Point of Sale Systerms

In short, you need every possible opportunity to maximise your profit. With over 25 years hospitality industry experience, H&L have been listening to and understanding the needs of owners just like you.

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Workforce Solutions

H&L AUSTRALIA - Point of Sale Systerms

Having better command over all workforce considerations allows you to proactively manage your workforce. In essence, you’d like to manage your labour cost per hour, right?
H&L gives you that power.

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Surveillance Solutions

H&L AUSTRALIA - Point of Sale Systerms

Highest technology security, especially designed for hospitality gives your property unequalled protection. Consider this. Any manager can instantly see what’s going on, from their nearest POS, at any other terminal throughout your premises.

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Marketing & Loyalty Solutions

H&L AUSTRALIA - Point of Sale Systems

Hospitality marketing made easy – and astonishingly powerful! That’s the secret weapon H&L brings you through its association with Zen Global Services. Anything you need to skyrocket ahead of your competition is placed at your disposal

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Services & Support Solutions

H&L AUSTRALIA - Point of Sale Systerms

Making sure all your systems are always doing what you need is not really a technical matter. Actually it’s really about understanding your business! It’s something we’ve learned during over 25 years of sole devotion to hospitality industry clients.

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As Sam Cufone says "I buy a lot of stock.. and ACCOUNTS FLOW saves me hours and hours of work".


The Kalis Group are also seeing the benefits!

The Kalis Group in Tasmania own and operate 8 Hotels and 14 Bottle Shops.

In February of 2016 a decision was made to start using the H&L Accounts Flow invoice interface for ALM and CUB.   Since they began, the Group have received and downloaded 289 Electronic Invoices from ALM and CUB, with a total line item count of 7444. The time taken to accept these 289 Electronic Invoices into The H&L system is similar to the time it would have taken to manually input 1 single ALM invoice.

Not only are the Groups invoices being entered in a timely manner, Tim Bradley The Bottle Shop Manager and Stock Control co-ordinator for the Kalis Group also highlighted the fact that the invoices were being received without the inherent manual data entry errors associated with this once tedious job.

The Kalis Group receive all invoices direct to their Head Office, these invoices are checked and then accepted and are seamlessly received at venue level, ensuring all outlets have live up to date stock levels.

New product lines are easily added to The H&L POS System when downloading Electronic Invoices as Suppliers also send a product description in all invoices for all products. Tim simply cuts and pastes the description, adds the product to his inventory list, then returns to the invoice and accepts it.

Needless to say, receiving Electronic Invoices from Suppliers has freed up much of Tim’s time and allows him to focus on the numerous other responsibilities he has in the group.

Client Testimonials

"Managing a fine dining restaurant means our marketing needs to be precise and honestly reflect exactly what we offer in the media. Zen Services was perfect as they were our one stop shop!...Zen were, and still are used for menu design, special event promotion to website project management and we couldn't be happier"

– Lisa Schofield: Empire Grill Restaurant

"If there's one thing you can say about H&L, it's that they are always there for you.
At times, when we've had problems like POS issues at 3am, they've been able to help us solve the problems."

– Darren Holmes, Operations Manager: The Palace, Red Square, Pour 24 & D'Artgnans

“We use Workforce Management to manage wage costs and payroll across multiple venues and find it an effective tool. Our managers appreciate the ability to review staff costs on a daily basis and we find that new Venue Managers can use the system effectively with minimal training. I would recommend it to anyone who seeks to manage their wage costs in line with their sales.”

– Craig Williams: Saturno Group

“Managing staff is one of the most difficult aspects of our Hotel’s. Now, with H&L involved were achieving improved results in this area.”

-Michael Kosch: Hurley Group