Hotel & Pub

In the Hotel and Pub Industry, clients that work with H&L are generally a Hotel or Pub who Employs people, Requires an inventory management POS system as a high priority...

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Restaurants, Cafés & Bars Industry

If you manage a restaurant, cafe or bar, one of your chief concerns is inventory, which is understandable, since stock is one of your three largest costs. H&L Restaurant POS or Cafe POS systems are just what you need.

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Clubs and Membership Industry

In this Industry segment, the majority of clients that work with H&L are generally a Licensed Clubs i.e. Sporting Club or Association, Surf Club, Leagues Clubs, Bowls Clubs and RSL’s or Gaming locations who need a quality Club POS system.

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Liquor Retail

In the Liquor Retail Industry, there are typically 3 types of clients that have a Liquor Store Point of Sale System, and their reason for using a H&L POS solution differs slightly …

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You & your business

H&L is a business operating over 25 years in Australia on one simple fundamental; providing solutions to our clients which make their businesses more successful. Our business is built on your success.

Technology is only a tool. And a tool is only valuable when the right tool is used for the right job. As hospitality people at heart, H&L know better than most the critical requirements for each food & beverage operation, and thus have built and continue to refine Australia's leading POS Solution for the industry.

All H&L systems are designed to easily integrate with our Point of Sale System & your external accounting systems & applications.

We have all you will need to better manage your Venue, Your Staff, Your Inventory, Your Assets and Your Costs - and give you ultimate control! Management Solutions, Marketing Services, Customer Loyalty and Reward Systems, Mobotix Surveillance Solutions, Workforce Management, IPAD integration and room reservations through to customer loyalty, reward systems... all fully integrated.

We will work in partnership with you & provide the service, support & technology that will maximise your profitability, competitive edge & improve lifestyle.

Client Testimonials

"We have used H&L as our POS provider for many years. Very importantly it has continued to evolve and be upgraded over the years to suit the ever-changing needs of retailing. The system is straight-forward for users, but also provides comprehensive management information that assists our stock management and profitability, which is exactly what we need to confidently manage our liquor stores."

Rob Zahtila

Cape Cellars WA

"Our relationship with H&L started 15 years ago with a POS/Stock solution and has grown to a full suite of solutions including Workforce and Zen Marketing & Loyalty. Having been involved over this time with integrating H&L with other software solutions including RMS, Financials and Payroll systems I have found H&L to be knowledgeable on a diverse range of platforms that support Hospitality while being on the forefront of technology.The support given by H&L is relevant, timely and flexible, understanding the demands of the Hospitality Industry."

Lyn Putland

Saturno Group, SA

"Sysnet is the ultimate POS solution when it comes to control, both FOH & BOH are seemliness in their performance including integrations with external products such as TYRO Eftpos. Sysnet as a tool is absolutely essential when it comes to managing our inventory whilst also providing the key sales data we need to better understand the performance of the business. Sysnet provides the information we need to make positive changes that can be easily measured."

Adam Toffolon

Truck Stop Deluxe, VIC

"We use Workforce Management to manage wage costs and payroll across multiple venues and find it an effective tool. Our managers appreciate the ability to review staff costs on a daily basis and we find that new Venue Managers can use the system effectively with minimal training. I would recommend it to anyone who seeks to manage their wage costs in line with their sales."

Kristy Alexander

Kalis Hospitality Group, TAS

Save Time & Money

Simplify and reduce goods receipt & invoice processing time in the H&L Management system. Accounts Flow and H&L have worked together to create a seamless invoicing module aimed to reduce your invoicing process by hours per week saving you both time and money. Electronic Invoices are now sent directly to your H&L System, bypassing time consuming file importing responsibilities or manual data entry. Sam Cufone from Roulette's Tavern and PALS in South Australia regularly receives over 100 supplier invoices per month and uses Accounts Flow to save him "hours of work".

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