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DO YOU KNOW you can improve the consistency of data viewing with Sysnet Smart Grid?

Sysnet Smart Grid

The Sysnet SMART Grid (SSG) is a way of presenting data records and has been incorporated into many of the Sysnet applications.

It is a powerful tool that provides greater customising options for data viewing, filtering and reporting. The SSG improves consistency of data viewing.

There are three main features of the SMART Grid:

1. Display Customising

Improve efficiency with each menu customised to suit the individual needs of the user.

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2. Data Filtering

Use the Filter Menu to filter columns and records according to the field.

You can show ALL records or SELECT records via the Custom filter builder.

When using the custom filter, it is possible to apply a number of different filters to the data presented.

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3. Data Reporting

Any data filtered on screen can be generated as a report. This means that Sysnet reporting can be completely customisable, with this feature available over and above the existing Sysnet Reports.

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KnowHow to use the Sysnet Smart Grid

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