Are you aware you can create a Template for any report in the Sysnet software?

A Template is simply a way to SAVE the filter selections the user has made when generating a Sysnet Report.

The report can then be generated using a saved template which will apply the filter settings automatically. The user then just picks the required date range or period to report on. No need to re-filter every time the report is opened.

Multiple templates can be created against one Sysnet Report. The user can also set one of the templates as the "Default Template" which means that the report will always use the Default Template filters whenever the report is opened.

For those sites running Syswan, report templates can also be created at Head Office and sent down to the remote sites via Syswan.

Why is the Report Template feature handy?

It will save you time!!!

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Why use Default Templates?

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  • Each time the report filtering window is opened where a Default Template has been enabled, the filtering window will automatically display the Default
  • Template selections. Just click Print or Preview as required.
  • This is a great tool if you are using this report regularly with the same settings as there is no need to go in and load the template. The user still has the option to select another template if required or refilter the selections as required.


How can Report Templates be Useful?

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  • Customise the commonly used reports once, then generate quickly and easily as required.
  • Save paper by filtering out pages of unnecessary information.
  • Setting Report Templates for important reports such as the Cost of Goods report ensures they are printed exactly the same way each month.
  • Saves time and minimises errors for staff when printing the reports for End of Week or Month processes.
  • Great for large groups with multiple sites to ensure consistency across the group for reporting.
  • Handy tool for Syswan sites as report templates can be created at Head Office and sent down to each site. No need for them to be created at each site individually.


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