Range of tailored Solutions integrated with POS, and specifically designed for Hospitality Industry 

With over 25 years hospitality point of sale experience, H&L have been listening to and understanding the needs of hospitality owners just like you.

Our management solution, workforce management solution, marketing and loyalty solution and Mobotix surveillance solution, all integrate with the H&L point of sale systems and point of sale equipment. We also provide unparalleled service and support.

We can provide solutions to improve your profitability, increase your revenue and control your costs. That's why we continue to develop a range of new, innovative and integrated solutions to give you absolute control.

How would you feel knowing that no matter what happens, at any time in your venue, you have the point of sale systems and support to give you ultimate control over costs, revenue and assets? At H&L, we offer just that!

Point of Sale Management Solutions for Your Business

The heart of H&L’s POS Integrated Management solution is the Sysnet software. This software drives the Point of Sale system & provides enhanced inventory management capability.

Optimise Inventory with Efficient Inventory Management Software

Monitor cost by the number & average value of transactions at any place within the venue or all the venues that you manage.

You can control & manage inventory at any POS terminal, or with a scanner or handheld device.

Your staff can increase their productivity and decrease error rates by eliminating the need to key invoice data with our “ELAP” Invoice Scanning & Import functionality.

Whether you have just one or a number of venues, here are just a few ways H&L’s Point of Sale - Sysnet software can help in managing your Revenue in an effective way.


Increase your revenue 

  • Monitor sales by site, by revenue group, by location, by product, by staff member, or by transaction
  • Automatically update product data & pricing on receipt of inventory at all of your POS terminals, or ipad POS System
  • Choose various pricing models for each area or separate venue to maximise profitability
  • Correct allocation of pricing for each area or venue, via centralised management of Buying Group pricing

Manage wages & productivity 

  • Reduce Gross Payroll Costs - Improve the accuracy of Time & Attendance, Reduce Pay Errors & Decreases Overstaffing
  • Reduce Payroll Management Costs - Automate the Gross Payroll Calculation, Reduce Interpretation & Calculation Errors, Export timesheet or pay details directly to your payroll system
  • Improve Productivity - Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, thereby increasing time to do productive work! We automating business processes, integrate with accounting packages & provide Electronic Audit Trail that will uncover facts in moments, not hours & allow you to view transactions embedded on Mobotix Surveillance
  • Improve Decision-Making - Management can be pro-active & not re-active with accurate up-to-date live or historical revenue & profitability at a glance on any device with a browser including your smartphone & this means that you don’t have to be at the venue to keep up to date.

Cash management control

  • Reconcile & balance cash by operator, waiter, float, shift or POS staff member
  • Manage Debtors with automated Email statements & payment collection at any POS
  • Easily manage your rebates via our Rebate tracker
  • Integrate with your Accounting package to keep everything up to date efficiently

POS Systems for your business

More than just a POS - it's a point of sale solution that has powerful integration capabilities. H&L are a long-term provider and developer of POS solutions for hospitality in Australia, and proud of their success.

Why proud, you may ask? Not for our own accomplishments in providing POS Systems alone, but the success of our clients and their businesses. Without the success of H&L's hospitality clients, our point of sale software will have proven to be no more effective than the vast range of alternatives.

All of our products & solutions are integrated with our POS System & designed to give you absolute control of your business. Because without absolute control over inventory, staff, rosters, wages, customers, orders... and the list goes on, your business will struggle. So, we ensure point of sale system is a valuable asset to your business, irrespective of the size, scale and complexity.

If you’d like to learn more about our user friendly & efficient POS systems, contact one of our friendly staff today.

Secure & Reliable POS Systems

At each point of time, H&L’s prime focus is to ensure that your Point of Sale System is working seamlessly with all the systems that can improve your profitability, increase your revenue & enhance your productivity, whilst controlling costs & providing a better experience for staff & customers alike… and ultimately that is what you want and need.

Yes, our POS System seamlessly integrates with our tools as well as yours. It includes complete integration with H&L Workforce Management System, to give management access to “real time” Wages information instantly at any terminal – and wouldn’t that be a time saver and headache avoider! We also ensure your POS System can merge seamlessly with Zen Marketing & Loyalty, to maintain your customer loyalty programs, accept gift cards & feed information to an internet based Live & Historical Sales Reporting System. All this through the one powerful Integrated System.


Our smart & reliable workforce management software

Not all workforce management solutions have been created in an equal way. The right solution can save you hours in administration and eliminates archaic manual systems. For the past 25 years, we have been developing and refining our solutions, so you can focus your efforts where it matters in your business.

The H&L Workforce Management Solution includes a range of tools and devices that allow you to get the “Upper Hand” in reducing wage costs in your venue.

Smooth out workforce issues with time & attendance software

Key features of the workforce management software include:

  • Advanced roster scheduling including template & shift tools
  • Labour forecasting including labour versus sales
  • Record employee availability
  • Integrates with various payroll systems
  • User and role based security & functionality
  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Provides operational & productivity reports
  • Multiple concurrent user capabilities
  • Automated award interpretation
  • Set targeted wage costs by roster, cost centre & site
  • Fingerprint &/or facial recognition time & attendance options
  • Interactive ‘smart’ time attendance kiosk

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H&L POS Security Systems

H&L POS Systems can provide you peace of mind and better control over your Venue.

If your POS system and venue are lacking in suitable security measures, wanting to better control shrinkage, cash management and staff, H&L POS have a solution for you.

Stay Safe and Secure with POS Security Systems

H&L POS systems can provide measures within your technology to enable a greater level of security, especially designed for hospitality, which gives your property unrivalled protection.

You can now empower and enable your manager to have a greater control over what’s going on, from their nearest POS and throughout the premises.

What’s more, the manager has the power to take instant action, safeguarding your employees and your property.

At the same time, H&L provides you with fast, frequent and effortless cash clearance of tills which dramatically reduces your risks.

Of course this is just a taste of the security excellence you can expect.

At H&L POS systems, we understand the need to tailor your security to meet your exact requirements. Our highly trained personnel can provide consultation and input to ensure that your needs are met. 

Marketing & Loyalty Solutions working with your POS

The ability to collect, analyse & action information to produce powerful & effective marketing campaigns.

When using H&L POS with Zen Marketing and Loyalty… you have access to all the marketing tools you will need to grow your business.

  • Access to real time sales information, by site, by revenue group, by location, by product, by a staff member, or by a transaction. Including cost, number of & average value of transactions at any place within the venue or all the venues that you manage
  • Access to customer spend via Loyalty Cards that allow you to track and analyse every customer transaction, then automatically SMS & email them with customised offers based on their spend history
  • Access to Gift Cards that are easy to implement, sell & recharge at any POS to increase cash flow
  • Access to multimedia marketing, via display screens throughout your venue
  • Access to a raft of other Marketing Services including graphic & web design, flyer and brochure design … & more

We have a range of service & support packages

Making sure all your systems are always doing what you need is not really a technical matter. Along with the emerging trends, we have started offering the most promising solutions for each Industry. Now iPad pos system and Cloud Pos system are having high demand in the industry. H&L is offering all such products in a very successful way.

Actually, it’s really about understanding your business! It’s something we’ve learned during over 3 decades of sole devotion to the hospitality industry clients.

So while our service & support crews include the best technical experts, we are far more focused on guiding you & assisting you to get the best results from your business.

Therefore we provide industry-revered training, along with real 24/7 support, to keep you far in front.

Phone us on 1800 778 340 or if you prefer, contact us. We’ll respond promptly & arrange to show you more!

The solutions provided by us differ based on the area of Hospitality you are involved with ... it is not a one size fits all!

That is where H&L excel - we cater for the needs of your venue, with tailor made solutions, that can help you become more profitable and serve your customers better.

We are happy to bring our expertise to the table and are always listening to our clients to ensure we continue to be the innovators. You will call our product the best pos software.

No matter what area of hospitality you are in - we have just the right fit for your business AND our Point of Sale System has your business success at its core.


about usH&L - We know the Drill!

While at H&L we're regarded as the leading systems developer, we're first and foremost, Hospitality people. All H&L systems are designed to easily integrate with our Point of Sale System and your external accounting systems and other applications.

We are one of the fastest growing Point of Sale solution providers in the hospitality industry.

Why? Well it's simple, we approach our solutions from an operational perspective, and we deliver from the ground up to provide the best total solution to maximise your profitability.

From Hardware - POS terminals, the latest in touch screen technology and hand held units... to Software and Systems we have all you will need to better manage your Venue, Your Staff, Your Inventory, Your Assets and Your Costs - and give you ultimate control! Management Solutions, Marketing Services, Customer Loyalty and Reward Systems, Mobotix Surveillance Solutions, Workforce Management, IPAD integration and room reservations through to customer loyalty, reward systems, all fully integrated.

H&L - Our Mission Statement

We guarantee our solutions by delivering quality software, consistent service and support with continued honesty.

We will work in partnership with our customers and provide the service, support and technology that will maximise their profitability, competitive edge and improve lifestyle.

H&L - Company History

H&L Australia was formed in South Australia by John Hardy and Burt Admiraal based on a real need by the hospitality industry for a fully integrated product that could manage Stock Control and Point of Sale (POS) management.

When H&L started back in the mid 1980's, electronic point of sale (EPOS) wasn't really a term that had been invented yet.

The founders didn't set out to create a point of sale system, they had a problem to solve .

As hospitality professionals they wanted to better control their profits and reduce theft and wastage in the restaurant and bars they were responsible for managing.

25 years on and H&L Australia is the leading POS provider to the hospitality industry and is proud employers of professionals from the hotel and hospitality industry.

The company has offices in each Capital of Australia and also in the Northern Territory, ensuring that the highest level of Customer Service and Support is delivered at all times.

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