Hotel & Pub Industry

Equip Your Staff with the Best Hotel POS System or Pub POS System

In the Hotel and Pub Industry, clients that work with H&L are generally a Hotel or Pub who ...

  • Employs people
  • Requires an inventory management system or Hotel POS system as a high priority
  • Needs their Pub POS system to be reliable reliability as a priority
  • Wants a holistic approach, with a provider who knows and understands the industry inside and out, not just a Hotel POS system sale (with 3 decades experience in the industry we certainly offer that!)
  • Wants to collaborate and build a positive business relationship – not just the job done


And they may have identified a few other problems along the way such as ...

  • Their current pub POS System is not working as effectively as it could be
  • The need for better quality “real time” information and better systems
    • Check their GP’s online
    • Check their profits online
  • An incident may have occurred in the venue, that causes a reaction eg staff stealing, tills break down
  • Accounts have identified that the Cost of Goods are not what they should be
  • There may have been some change in legislation, that prompts a system review
  • Or even a Generational or Ownership change

Australia's Trusted Hotel POS System

H&L is different. We approach our POS solutions from an operational perspective, and deliver from the ground up to provide the best total POS system. Our range includes:

  • Bulletproof low profile POS terminals
  • The latest in touch screen technology
  • Hand-held tablets
  • Customer loyalty, reward systems and offers, at the POS system
  • Clock on and off with Live Wages on screen, all fully and intimately integrated.

H&L is not just a POS solution provider, we are a complete end to end operational enterprise solution.

We're the Leading Provider of Hotel Point of Sale Systems

With over 25,000 Point of Sale terminals installed throughout Australia, H&L is the Number 1 POS provider to the Hospitality industry and is still one of the fastest growing point of sale solution providers to the Hotel & Pub industry. Established in 1987, H&L have proven capability in excess of 2,300 sites in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with more than 1,000 independent and corporate clients.

They choose H&L because …

  • We are Number 1 in hospitality
  • 60-70% of our new clients come from referrals from existing users
  • The extensive functionality of the H&L systems and solutions
  • H&L has a reputation of doing what we say
  • Extensive training and support pre-installation, at install and post installation (3 months of support provided after going live at no charge)
  • H&L’s service response time to problems is second to none


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