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Gain Instant Access to Inventory Data with Café POS and Restaurant POS Systems

If you own or manage a restaurant, cafe or bar, one of your chief concerns is inventory, which is understandable, since stock is one of your three largest costs. H&L Restaurant POS or Cafe POS systems are just what you need.

More importantly, how you manage stock control can make a profound difference to your profitability. You need a regimented approach, based on strong, dependable Restaurant POS or Cafe POS systems which take the hard work out of being accurate.

H&L’s Restaurant POS or Cafe POS Software, Sysnet, is inventory control at its best. giving you astonishing, untapped power to control your stock costs…right at your fingertips, in your Restaurant POS or Cafe POS system.

If you fit into the small to medium sized cafe or boutique restaurant, H&L have recently acquired Bluefrog POS as the perfect solution to that market segment. Neatly positioned in the smaller end of the market yet supported by the technology and team depth of a national hospitality POS provider, the Bluefrog POS solution may well be the fit for you.

Lead the Way to Better Customer Service with Efficient Restaurant POS or Cafe POS Systems

T@blet at the T@ble is H&L’s exciting new Mobile POS system that fully integrates with the POS system.

What does T@blet at the T@ble make POSsible?

  • Faster processing of orders at the table – customers won’t need to line up for food or drinks!
  • Improved order accuracy and reduced error rates. As orders are printed not hand written, there is no room for misinterpretation – the result, fewer errors and less waste!
  • Improved response times, as customer orders are instantly relayed to the kitchen or bar, in the order they are received.
  • Accurate bills, as food and drink orders are processed immediately into the Restaurant POS or Cafe POS system, and are ready to be printed at the press of a button – no more lost dockets and missed charges!
  • And with H&L’s Pay@Table, customers have a more convenient and secure way to pay at the table - no more lining up to leave and problems related to splitting bills.

Most importantly T@blet at the T@ble makes for a better experience for your customers, and we all know a happy customer is the ultimate goal!

The Leading Trusted Restaurant POS or Cafe POS Systems

So is the H&L Restaurant POS or Cafe POS, the right solution for you? The majority of clients that work with H&L are generally a Restaurant, Café & Bar who ...

  • Employs people
  • Want a fully featured Restaurant POS or Cafe POS system that usually comprises of a minimum of 2 terminals, printer, kitchen printer / monitor (although we now offer H&L
  • Rapid Individual terminals for smaller establishments)
  • Requires an inventory management system as a high priority
  • Need system reliability as a priority
  • Wants to serve their customers more quickly
  • Want to take the guess work out of managing their in-house costs – particularly stock and labour
  • Want extensive reporting, for instant, easy-to-understand view of their venue, and real time access to their Gross Operating Profit.

And they may have identified a few other problems along the way such as ...

  • Their current Restaurant POS or Cafe POS System is not as reliable as it could be
  • Their costs are skyrocketing and out of alignment with revenue
  • An incident may have occurred in the venue, ie staff theft or customer walk outs due to untimely service

They choose H&L because ...

  • We are Number 1 in hospitality
  • 60-70% of our new clients come from referrals from existing users
  • The extensive functionality of the H&L systems and solutions
  • H&L has a reputation of doing what we say
  • Extensive training and support pre-installation, at install and post installation (3 months of support provided after going live at no charge)
  • H&L’s service response time to problems is second to none



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