ODM Features

Fully cloud based

Manage the entire queue

Course and single item management

Change and manage priorities

New order alerts

Multi-screen use

Simple docket splitting

In-docket communication

Snooze and park orders

Monitor shift statistics

Full order history

New Order Alerts


A great tool to alert the operator when new orders appear on the monitor. This button flashes to let you know and pops up a window just showing you the new orders so you can read it out to the prep staff and acknowledge it.
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Completed Orders


View all your completed orders from the current serving period whenever you like. Plus, you can choose to include selected orders for ‘x’ minutes of the previous serving period in this list. View the details of each order and you can recall the order back into the queue if you need to in case it was completed by mistake or you need to remake an item.
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Bump Orders


Change the position of orders in the queue to manage priorities such as VIP orders or smaller orders that may be at the end of the queue but can be delivered more quickly.
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Snooze and Park Orders


Snooze orders for a few minutes or park them until you need them again. This is a great tool to hide dockets for a short period while waiting for the next course to be called away so you can keep moving on the next lot of orders and maximise your orders on display.
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