14 Nov, 2017

Craig Hese

I am the SA Business Development Manager and have been a part of the H&L family for just over 5 years now. My working career covers a range of various roles and industries including; Automotive, Bicycles, Safety Equipment, Earthmoving equipment, Hospitality and photography. While these sound like a range of disjointed industries, they are tied together with a common thread, my customers. I have been looking after people for all my working life and don’t see this stopping. From the look on a kids face with a new bike, keeping them safe with the right safety equipment, capturing their wedding day and now helping them manage their businesses with the best POS system available. It is all about doing the right thing by my customer and having a positive impact on their lives.

When I’m not at work I love spending time with family and friends. Well it is more like co-ordinated chaos with my wife and I running around after our two amazing kids (slightly biased opinion) and which practise, training, concert, playground, friend’s house, party etc… they need to be at next. 

As far as “me time” goes, I play competitive snooker (yep the one on the really big tables), I also love to get off road on the mountain bike when I get a chance…. Oh and I do enjoy a good quiz night!