04 Dec, 2017

Al Black

In 1990 Al arrived in Melbourne as a hard-to-understand young Scotsman. After finishing school in his adopted homeland, he studied media, communications and marketing and uni, while also working for Melbourne electronic music radio station Kiss FM as a presenter and promotions personality.

Throughout the 90's Al was also heavily involved in the burgeoning Melbourne dance music scene where he worked for a number of event organisations and venues, as well as continuing his work with Kiss FM. By the time he reached 30 however, Al decided a more corporate role suited someone who was about to enter their fourth decade, so he took a position as a brand manager for an exclusive range of American cooking appliances. Yes we agree, that is a weird career change!

After a couple of years in this role, the fun and excitement of the music industry was too strong, and Al took a position with a publishing company that specialised in entertainment and events around Australia. With his background in electronic music, Al was tasked with the account management and new business development of clients ranging from small bars and promoters, right through to industry behemoths such as Stereosonic and Future Entertainment. During this time he was also a feature writer for one of the company’s publications.

In 2008 the Internet was changing the face of media, and noticing how this change was siphoning revenue from the print industry, Al decided to transfer into a digital career. Over the next eight years Al worked as a digital marketing consultant, looking after a variety of clients across a wide range of industries. During this time he also endured many quiet weekends while completing a Masters degree in Internet Communications at Curtin University.

After a number of visits to Perth, in 2010 Al decided to leave the questionable climate of Melbourne and head to WA, living in the Fremantle area ever since. During his time in Perth he has also worked as a digital marketing manager for two businesses in the hospitality, accommodation and tourism sectors.

So although Al has not spent much time working directly in hospitality venues, he has spent a great deal of time working with them in the area of marketing via his roles at the radio station, the publishing company, and with his roles in digital marketing.

A keen snowboarder and casual SCUBA diver (not in Perth though as there are way too many big sharks!) you will also find Al behind the decks at a number of Perth bars, as he continues his love affair with music. When he’s not doing indulging in his other passions, you can often find him chilling at Port and Cott beaches with his partner Natallie, and children Hamish (11), Rory (9), and Rio (1).

Al has been with H&L since February of 2017, initially in a new business role, and he has recently combined that function with the WA account management position. A very social creature (if you haven’t already guessed), Al will be doing his best to meet as many WA H&L clients as possible over the coming weeks, and if you feel like a chat, as Al always does, then feel free to give him a buzz on 0438 150 677.