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DID YOU KNOW about the Stock Status Feature?

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The Stock Status feature is a tool to manage the status of a stock record or inventory item.

This status can be set to determine the behaviour of the product in relation to stock management or sales activity. This feature is an extension of the “Flag for Deletion” functionality used in Sysnet versions 7.0.3 and below. From Sysnet 7.1.0 onwards this function allows for more defined control over both Inventory and Stock in Location Records.

Stock status can now be set for the Inventory Item or by Stock in Location record for more defined restrictions. This is particularly useful in a Syswan environment where Head Office can change the status for selected sites using the Stock in Location record without affecting all sites within the group.

Standard Stock Status types will be created in venue databases when an upgrade to Sysnet 7.1.0 or greater occurs:

  • Normal
  • Run Down/Deleted
  • Product Recalled

These status types can be altered to suit the needs of the venue i.e. something more specific to the venue’s terminology. Additional stock status types can be added as required.

KnowHow to use the Stock Status Feature

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