5 Tips for Effective Text Campaigns for Pubs

Whether you run a pub or a small bar, a simple text marketing campaign is an effective way to communicate with your customers to remind them to return to your premises – it’s instantaneous, it’s brief and it’s easy for them to open.

Going to the local pub for a drink or a meal is not a big decision for most of us, so using mobile text to communicate with your community is much more effective than emails which are better reserved for online shopping. Besides, in this digital age, we rely on our favourite pubs to entice us back with an announcement like happy hour or a new menu.

Over 90% of people use mobile text to communicate, and most texts are open and read, unlike emails which have an open rate of 20-23%. So it makes sense to use this simple communication method and bring more punters in!

H&L’s Zen Global Membership http://www.zenglobal.net system comes with the ability to run text marketing campaigns to your customer database without the need to use third-party providers.

Here are five tips in running an effective text campaign to increase foot traffic.

1. Keep the message short, succinct and friendly

Make your message brief and to the point, but friendly at the same time. Use the person’s name where possible, if you don’t it feels more like spam to the receiver.

For example, here’s a headline that stays on point and still short enough for a text:

“Hey Tim, this Wednesday night, we have Happy Hour from 5-7pm and Angus Beef Burgers with Chips for $15. Bring a friend and enjoy a great pub meal!”

2. Target quieter days

There is no real point to sending a text for your busy days when you have a full house, keep your texts for quieter days and aim to use your text marketing campaign to bring patrons in on those quieter days as well. Don’t leave it until the day itself however, send it a day or two before to give people time to invite a friend.

Even if going to the pub is an impromptu decision, a text from you with an enticing offer will help your customers come to a decision to visit your pub instead of another, and will also get them out of the house when they may have otherwise stayed indoors.

3. Leverage existing customers patronage

Use Zen’s technology http://fibre.zenglobal.net/web/zenglobalmarketing.html to segment customer data targeting gender, age and personal preferences to engage your existing patrons. People who have been to your pub already will appreciate that you took the time to send them a text with their name inviting them back for a drink and meal.

“Hi Trish, hope you enjoyed your meal with us last week. This week we have Happy Hour and $15 schnitzels on Wednesday night. Hope to see you soon!”

Taking the time to segment your customers’ data so that you can send more personalised texts in an age where spamming is easy and common, will make you stand out and appear so much more interested, caring and professional. Your customer will appreciate the effort and will be more likely to visit and refer friends.

4. Stay consistent with your Text campaigns

Humans beings are conditioned for appreciating consistency so if you are going to commit to a text marketing campaign, set up a calendar and stick to it.

Decide how often you want to send a text to your customers and if you commit to one text per week, then keep your frequency consistent.

5. And finally - respect people’s time and privacy – add an “Opt Out” option

We all like to know our time is valued and respected, so always have an “Opt Out” option at the end of every SMS/text, a couple of lines under the main text body. This is a legal requirement and it also shows that you are respecting that person’s time and privacy, gives them peace of mind and creates a sense of inviting them into your establishment, rather than forcing them to read a text.

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