Make Online Food Ordering Seamless with Your POS

How efficiently is your venue managing online food delivery orders?

If you are running around your venue gathering up your orders from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and hoping you haven’t missed one, you are not alone. The online food delivery marketplace has been growing rapidly over the last five years and restaurant owners have had to do their best to manage these new orders while at the same time managing their everyday clientele.

A brief overview of the Australian online food delivery market

Australians are loving their food delivery apps with this market currently at $600 million predicted to grow to $2.4 billion by 2025.

Companies such as UberEATS, Menulog and Deliveroo are dominating the food delivery space, managing more than 75% of online food orders, while Foodora recently announced their withdrawal from the Australian market.

One of the reasons for the popularity of food delivery Apps is simply the convenience of ordering food from all your favourite restaurants with a system you are familiar with. Along with longer working hours, people commuting more and generally busier lifestyles of today, having dinner arrive home when you do couldn’t be easier!

Although there are some concerns about the amount of commission (anywhere from 15-30%) being paid to food delivery providers, this lucrative marketplace will see a more food delivery businesses come and go over time, competing for business and hopefully keeping commissions reasonable.

And for many restaurant owners, it means additional business on evenings (or days) that were traditionally quiet at their venues.

Have a look at our SA Account Manager Craig Hese’s take on the growing online food delivery market - How Online Ordering Apps Can Make (or break) Your Venue.

Capture online food orders and manage them from one place – your POS

Even though venues are under pressure to accept more online orders to capture this growing market, many of our clients have joined the food delivery revolution and are finding it profitable.

With increasing orders generated from these platforms however, to keep your venue running efficiently you need to have systems in place to manage these orders seamlessly.

Often, orders will come through different channels - a tablet, laptop or printer for each food delivery service that you have joined.

Once the orders come in, many venues have to collate them, make sure none are missed, and manually enter them into the POS. This is unnecessary double-handling and there is a better way with integrated POS technology.

H&L’s POS integration with food delivery Apps means that it can seamlessly manage your online food delivery orders. Orders are automatically processed on the POS and sent to the kitchen for immediate preparation.

The customer’s information and preferences are captured at this POS level so there is no need to interact with separate systems. Keeping your customer profiles in one place will also help you develop customer loyalty programs using your POS.

Call H&L today to make your online food delivery more efficient

Call the team at H&L to discuss integration of your POS with food delivery services. Our POS integrates with leading online food ordering services such as MenuLog, Mobi2Go and HeyYou. More will be announced soon.