The internet is awesome, we love the ease, speed and affordability of cloud-based solutions. But what happens to your cloud-based solution when there is an internet service interruption? Service interruptions happen less often than they once did but, when they do, they can have a profoundly negative impact on your customers, your employees and your business’ reputation. Does this mean cloud-based solutions are too risky? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based solutions versus server-based solutions?


Each hospitality business is unique and has unique POS needs. Depending on the size and scale needs of your business, a cloud-based solution like H&L’s Order Display Monitor ( ODM) might be just right.

The advantages of H&L’s ODM is that this cloud-based technology runs on any device that supports a Chrome browser. What does this mean for you? At its most simplistic it means that, with very little set-up costs, your business has access to a rich array of capabilities. The ODM integrates with your H&L POS so that you and your staff can manage each order in a beautiful and easy to use visual display. Using a touch screen or bump bar the operator can interact with each order docket on the screen. Tasty features of the ODM include new order alerts, the ability to bump orders, recall orders and snooze and park orders. Your staff can add individual notes to each order while sharing orders across multiple screens in the venue.

The disadvantage of cloud-based technology is its almost complete reliance on internet connectivity. If there are internet service interruptions, you and your staff will need to have other ways of managing customer orders. In a smaller hospitality environment, this is doable. If yours is a larger operation, where your POS is integrated with back-of-house, a total reliance on cloud-based technology could be too risky. Server-based or hybrid server-cloud based will continue to be the more reliable choice to ensure there is no interruption in service and operations at your venue.


The clear advantage of server-based solutions is that on-premises POS solutions provide a stable platform for your venue. Even if there is an internet outage, transactions (both customer and operational) continue to be processed hassle-free. H&L has built its formidable reputation on a bullet-proof and beautiful server-based POS. We have integrated the full suite of solutions including workforce and inventory management to keep your venue at the top of its game. Our server-based solutions suit the scaled needs of your venue:

  • Sysnet is designed for venues that require stock control or have multiple areas
  • Bluefrog is used in venues with less than three terminals
  • Syswan is ideal for groups to control multiple venues from one location using Sysnet

One potential disadvantage with server-based solutions is the initial set-up costs. Investing in hardware and software infrastructure to support an on-site POS solution may not be viable for all hospitality businesses. However, for peace of mind and no interruption in service and operations, server-based or hybrid cloud-server-based are the way to go.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both cloud-based and server-based solutions. H&L is at the cutting edge when it comes to the full suite of POS solutions. We know that each hospitality business is unique in its own way so we customise our solutions to meet your business’ individual needs. Call H&L today to find out which solution is right for your venue.