Point of Sale Management Solutions for Your Business

The heart of H&L’s POS Integrated Management solution is the Sysnet software. This software drives the Point of Sale system & provides enhanced inventory management capability.

Optimise Inventory with Efficient Inventory Management Software

Monitor cost by the number & average value of transactions at any place within the venue or all the venues that you manage.

You can control & manage inventory at any POS terminal, or with a scanner or handheld device.

Your staff can increase their productivity and decrease error rates by eliminating the need to key invoice data with our “ELAP” Invoice Scanning & Import functionality.

Whether you have just one or a number of venues, here are just a few ways H&L’s Point of Sale - Sysnet software can help in managing your Revenue in an effective way.


Increase your revenue 

  • Monitor sales by site, by revenue group, by location, by product, by staff member, or by transaction
  • Automatically update product data & pricing on receipt of inventory at all of your POS terminals, or ipad POS System
  • Choose various pricing models for each area or separate venue to maximise profitability
  • Correct allocation of pricing for each area or venue, via centralised management of Buying Group pricing

Manage wages & productivity 

  • Reduce Gross Payroll Costs - Improve the accuracy of Time & Attendance, Reduce Pay Errors & Decreases Overstaffing
  • Reduce Payroll Management Costs - Automate the Gross Payroll Calculation, Reduce Interpretation & Calculation Errors, Export timesheet or pay details directly to your payroll system
  • Improve Productivity - Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, thereby increasing time to do productive work! We automating business processes, integrate with accounting packages & provide Electronic Audit Trail that will uncover facts in moments, not hours & allow you to view transactions embedded on Mobotix Surveillance
  • Improve Decision-Making - Management can be pro-active & not re-active with accurate up-to-date live or historical revenue & profitability at a glance on any device with a browser including your smartphone & this means that you don’t have to be at the venue to keep up to date.

Cash management control

  • Reconcile & balance cash by operator, waiter, float, shift or POS staff member
  • Manage Debtors with automated Email statements & payment collection at any POS
  • Easily manage your rebates via our Rebate tracker
  • Integrate with your Accounting package to keep everything up to date efficiently
  • Remote Management

    Remote Management

    Stressful driving all over town to check on your various venues' performance is now a thing of the past, thanks to H&L's brilliant Remote Management facility. Simply, connect to any venue to see ...

  • Rebates through your POS System

    Rebates through your POS System

    Your wholesale suppliers offer great rebates for timely product sales. Yet how do you keep track of them all in your POS System? Are you being dudded? How would you know? H&L have the answer. Our ...

  • Email Statement

    Email Statement

    Keeping money rolling in. That’s the name of the game. Cash is king & a steady management of cashflow through the tracking & management of debtors is crucial to any business.H&L ...

  • User Control

    User Control

    Know exactly who is using your POS terminals from the seclusion of your back-office system, at any time. A full audit-trail is available at your fingertips thanks to easily pre-set user ...

  • Multi Locational Pricing

    Multi Locational Pricing

    Let H&L make pricing at all of your outlets at any of your properties more manageable. Each location can choose various pricing models, centrally controlled from head office. Discretionary or ...

  • Electronic Audit Trail

    Electronic Audit Trail

    When errors or issues occur, it's reassuring to know that H&L helps you to uncover the facts in moments, not hours. Say goodbye to pouring through reams of paper. H&L provides you with an ...

  • Ticketing Solutions

    Ticketing Solutions

    You can now sell & track tickets for in-house events & attractions. What better way to take a little more out of every event rather than outsourcing at exorbitant fees. You now have the ...

  • Labour Control

    Labour Control

    Just as H&L will always remind you, your profitability is heavily dependent on three key areas: Stock control, Cash & Labour.

  • Debtor Control

    Debtor Control

    Debtor Control give you the ability to run multiple types of customer accounts e.g. Room accounts, 30 day debtors. Different accounts types let you tailor your accounts to meet the various needs of ...

  • Supplier Control

    Supplier Control

    Each time you receive stock, your product data & pricing models are automatically updated. Of course, this saves you a lot of time!As a manager or owner, bring able to monitor accurate costs in ...

  • Ordering & Invoicing

    Ordering & Invoicing

    For any business manager or owner, time is something which is often difficult to manage, & impossible to slow down! So, having automation in as many aspects of your business operation is ...

  • Dashboard


    Our clever dashboard gives you one sensible location of a brilliant resource, where you can get a quick snapshot of your business on the fly - labour cost, revenue, profitability. This of course ...

  • Stock Control

    Stock Control

    H&L allows you to use the components you need, to give you the right feeling of control over your business.Choose such elements as POS terminals, handheld scanners & a lot of other features, ...

  • GRiP - Mobile Stock Solution

    GRiP - Mobile Stock Solution

    At H&L, we've learned that for you to become truly profitable, you need to be out on the floor, not stuck in a back office.We've made it our life's work to give you that power. So not only can ...

  • Cash Control

    Cash Control

    Now you have the power to balance any & all tills to individual operators. Like never before you can balance so simply & easily what should be in the drawer. For absolute peace of mind, you ...

  • Scan Data

    Scan Data

    As you know, many of your business activities create useful data that can earn you extra profits.How much post-mix is being used & at what bars, or what kegs are being consumed fastest etc, ...

  • Financial Control

    Financial Control

    Would you like to have the ability to monitor controllable costs by individual cost centres in your business? Would you like to increase the efficiency of your staff, managers and business? Would you ...

  • Buyer Group Support

    Buyer Group Support

    One more thing that H&L will really help you with is centralised control of Buying Group pricing. Specials can be "pushed down" to any or all of your outlets or parts of your outlets; but ...

  • Detailed Reporting

    Detailed Reporting

    A huge suite of reports are available from H&L's unbeatably comprehensive system. Better still, we'll quickly guide you on choosing the reports that are perfect for your unique circumstances, ...

  • Enterprise Management

    Enterprise Management

    Now the power to manage all of your POS at all of your properties is made simple. With H&L, it's just part of what you can expect. & in this age of global business, it's just what you need. ...

  • Accounting Interface

    Accounting Interface

    The heart of H&L's management system is in tune with all great accounting packages.