One more thing that H&L will really help you with is centralised control of Buying Group pricing. Specials can be "pushed down" to any or all of your outlets or parts of your outlets; but individual outlets can be allowed rebate control at your discretion. All outlets can conveniently access the right promotional material to give your whole network a truly unified position on loyalty.

Now you can create products directly from your central management system, you can download promotions directly into the system from a number of supported buying groups and produce an output of scan data as required for buying group negotiations.

Just think, all of your sites can access the same promotions, managed centrally, and you can also enjoy the benefit of centralised control of your buying group pricing.
That’s true control & real efficiency!

Our Clients Say ...

"Trying to keep up with specials implementation at our various bars, dining rooms and bottle-shops used to be a nightmare. Not so now, thanks to H&L. What a relief!"