Now you have the power to balance any & all tills to individual operators. Like never before you can balance so simply & easily what should be in the drawer. For absolute peace of mind, you can even effortlessly track via surveillance that cash is properly going into the drawers (learn more about that in our security section). Reconcile & balance cash by operator, waiter/float &/or Point of Sale.

With the H&L systems in place, you’ll have better cash protection, protecting the honest staff, while highlighting particular staff with consistent cash variances. You will in turn attract better quality of staff and retain the great people, while helping you replace people who are costing you money!

The smart accounting interfaces removes the need to spend time keying data from one system to another. While most POS systems interface to accounting systems, providing the theoretical sales, the H&L systems can provide the actual sales that take into account any variance between the items recorded & what the cash in the drawer is.

Our Clients Say ...

"We hadn't realized the control we could have, even though multiple staff had been working variously on multiple terminals. Now we can accurately analyse and...turn up discrepancies easily."