Keeping money rolling in. That’s the name of the game. Cash is king & a steady management of cashflow through the tracking & management of debtors is crucial to any business.

H&L makes it happen with your debtors, too.

After all, we’re all about trying to reduce your workload & your costs.

That’s why H&L’s Debtor system can automatically generate a pdf which is emailed directly to your customers. The result? Better cashflow.

& better still, this is entirely automated. That’s right, no intervention required from you, your bookkeeper or your accounts department.

Statements & invoices can be setup to automatically email out to all the debtors at any time. This saves printing out & manually sending out statements, saves a lot of expense on Postage, all the manual labour you’re paying for & the awkward phone calls.

Now that’s what we call convenient!

At H&L we use it too - here is what our Staff have to say ...

"I was so happy to find out that our product now supports emailing statements to clients. This is because every month in SA, two staff members take at least ½ a day each to print, fold and send the statements and sometimes it would be a whole day EVERY month. After updating all the contact details and ensuring that all email addresses for our customers were correct, we then created a very short policy and process document and did a brief training session for our administration staff. Now, our admin officer checks the statements on screen and then once she is satisfied that they are complete, she presses one button which sends statements to all our clients. That’s it..!!
The amount of time saved is immense and because it is emailed the statement goes to the right person/address and does not get “lost in the mail”. We have saved over 3 days in labour alone each month around the country and this doesn’t take into consideration the paper and postage savings. We have found that because of this process, customers are advising us very regularly of any changes in contact details to ensure that the statement goes to the right person.
I would highly recommend this aspect of Sysnet to anyone wanting to save money and utilise their staff more effectively in their month end processes."

Kayleen Admiraal - Group Financial Controller H&L Australia Pty Ltd