Now the power to manage all of your POS at all of your properties is made simple. With H&L, it's just part of what you can expect. & in this age of global business, it's just what you need. Central control lets you quickly & freely change & monitor every aspect of your operations.

Set up price rules, for instance, at one or multiple properties, anywhere in Australia or beyond. If you're running multiple locations, you'll like the way H&L simplifies your management choices & makes your life easier. You can choose to centrally manage everything, at every POS throughout your business, or devolve some management.

As an example, do you want to control price structure, stock, products listed, labour, & packaging all from your office? Or do you want local managers to look after stock & labour, for instance? It's up to you; & you can change any decision whenever you like. However you run things, all the data is always centrally available to you, wherever & whenever you need access.

As a manager or owner, you have the reigns in your hand, & at the touch of a screen you can freely change & monitor the operation of your establishment. Better still, to suit your specific requirements of your own venue & it’s nuances, you can establish price rules of your own, with the ability to easily control all venues from the one central office.

Our Clients Say ...

"Our group has locations all over NSW. Each runs slightly differently. At the same time, I get to determine which locations look after what aspects of management. This is important because different local managers have different abilities."