Just as H&L will always remind you, your profitability is heavily dependent on three key areas: Stock control, Cash & Labour.

Controlling these aspects is critical to your success.

We give you power over these things particularly, for maximum control over your Gross Operating Profit.

That’s where Labour Control comes in. Labour Control is about ensuring you’ve got the most efficient staff, on at your highest peak trading times.

Now you are able to schedule your staff requirements against forecasted sales. More accurate scheduling will mean staff are working at a more organised & sustainable pace. Staff levels are easily checked ahead of time, highlighting times where staff have been over or under schedules.

Labour costs can be a killer to cashflow. If you can control or minimise your labour costs & expenses while clearly highlighting rostering cost penalties e.g. excessive overtime or non-award compliance, both you & your staff are clear about what is to be expected & how they will be renumerated within the award. You can now roster for times that provide the best value to you, & compliant with awards, or agreement terms.

Labour Control enables you to easily monitor staff availability. It is a two-way street too. Your staff can easily communicate their availability back to you, empowering them & aiding the rostering game which can be like spinning plates at times.
The system will automatically warn you when staff are not available at the time a schedule is being created, this means reduced changes are required after you have the roster has been published.

How difficult is it to monitor staff time & attendance in a fast-paced hospitality venue? Management have better things to do than chase up who is on, what they’re doing every minute of the day & when they’re leaving. Labour Control abolishes handwritten time sheets that need to signed & which are often misread. Now you have real-time information on when staff have started worked, had a break or have finished their shift.

The system can automatically round times to pre-set rules, for example, if someone starts at 8:55am, their start time will be recorded as starting at 9, or if they start at 9:05am, the system can record this as 9.15 start time. Time is now under your control!

Our Clients Say ...

"We're impressed by the way H&L have lifted our profitability in this area."