Your wholesale suppliers offer great rebates for timely product sales. Yet how do you keep track of them all in your POS System? Are you being dudded? How would you know? H&L have the answer. Our POS system incorporates a brilliant Rebate tracker. So easy, this simply tracks rebates as they're set up in your system. Now you can instantly see how much stock is sold in the relevant period & more importantly, how much the wholesaler should be paying you - all from your POS system! Ensure you get those rebates! ... No other solution comes close.

Do you need the flexibility that comes with setting rebates on sales quantity or the purchase quantity or even across a set period of time? With H&L you can manage & keep track of your current deals & arrangements that you have with all your suppliers, & calculate these against the supplier’s own calculations - all from your POS system.

How would you like to be able to monitor expected rebates, sorted by products & track all this in set reports? With H&L you have the ability to report on the actual profit by taking into account the rebates before they are processed by supplier. The control is now yours from your POS system! You can now tell the supplier what you are due to receive, rather than letting them tell you.

Our Clients Say ...

"I'd often wondered if I was getting all the rebates that the reps were trying to sell me on. Since putting in this H&L solution I reckon I probably did previously miss out on quite a few!"