A huge suite of reports are available from H&L's unbeatably comprehensive system. Better still, we'll quickly guide you on choosing the reports that are perfect for your unique circumstances, enabling you to make the most profit-increasing decisions, with ease. You'll love the much greater feeling of control - it's priceless.

The report templates have been created specifically for the hospitality & liquor industry, by people with the experience in that sector for people in the industry.

Your management can see live data reports or even create their own custom reports as you see fit. At the touch of a button, you can see just how well the establishment is performing.

Any of the reports generated can be exported to Excel & Word and can be easily included in your monthly management reports.

Client Testimonial

"Keeping tabs on all the relevant data used to be a hit and miss affair. After engaging H&L we now get all the right reports - and that helps us to make better moves towards a more profitable business. Thanks H&L!"

Sam Bygrave - J&J OBrien