H&L allows you to use the components you need, to give you the right feeling of control over your business.

Choose such elements as POS terminals, handheld scanners & a lot of other features, to give you as much power as you'll ever need to control your inventory costs & increase your Gross Operating Profit.

Now you can focus on maximising your Gross Profit by being able to easily, set prices in each sales area to reflect the market you are attracting to each location.

You’ll now have the ability to manage stock coming in & going out, have control over your true stock value & remove the guess work from your stock.

In the age of cash flow control, you can now experience an improved accuracy of inventory, enjoy the benefits of a more organized warehouse, & ultimately save Time & Money.

Your management & supervisors can easily see information by reports designed for the hospitality industry. If different levels of management require different levels of information you have the flexibility to create customised access & reporting. The owners & board members may wish to see information at a higher category level, while venue management will need to report on product groupings, & department management will need to see product level reports. All this is possible & simple to set up within H&L Stock Control.

How would your manager like to be able to oversee the performance & achievements of staff in each department? Not only is that possible, you can even operate each department as a unique cost centre. This means the system will provide a true GOP for each department, making it easy for management to access & set true targets & KPIs.

& if that isn’t enough to excite & impress you, the system can even be used across different tax systems. That is true stock & cost control!

Our Clients Say ...

"H&L's management systems are modular...We don't need a highly sophisticated solution so we just chose the bits that work for us. And it really works brilliantly!"