Each time you receive stock, your product data & pricing models are automatically updated. Of course, this saves you a lot of time!

As a manager or owner, bring able to monitor accurate costs in real time means you have your finger on the most vital pulse in your venue. How would you like to monitor cost price by supplier, especially when this can change or vary at different location & suppliers? & how about tracking contract prices & periods.

You are now going to easily identify when goods are invoiced to you for the incorrect amount against your contracts & agreements. It’s easier to resolve up front rather than chase up a reimbursement from suppliers.

You can track last cost, expected cost & new cost all at the time of receiving stock. Pick up variances before the stock hits the shelves & it is too late.

Supplier Control will allow you to have accurate reports to see invoices & suppliers.

Automatically updates stock once invoice has been entered in.

Invoice details flow through to Accounts Payable systems.

For accounting staff, they can spend less time on data entry & more time & on important tasks.

Less data entry & more accurate data. The accounting AR will always match the Stock received.

Our Clients Say ...

"We used to have to re-key prices each time we changed suppliers. What a pain! After switching to H&L it's all done for us, which is a great relief."