Know exactly who is using your POS terminals from the seclusion of your back-office system, at any time. A full audit-trail is available at your fingertips thanks to easily pre-set user “Profiles”. Monitor any activity & get reports of key information such as Sales; Profit; No-Sales; Inactivity...& much more.

User Messages allows for the creation of messages for individual or multiple Users in the venue. These messages are delivered to the User when they log onto the Exceed POS Terminal. The user messages will also appear on all back of house applications e.g. Stock. This is a very handy tool when it comes to the communication of information or queries to employees. There are different types of messages which can be set according to the type of response required from the User.
How powerful can this be for you & your team? Your staff can receive messages before starting their shift & remove the risk of communication breakdown between staff & management. You have effectively taken the “I didn’t know” excuse out of the picture. More importantly you are assisting good staff to work better. This is incredibly powerful when advising all staff through one single channel of a roster change or menu change, or even now products & prices. As a manager, you even see who has read the message!

The User Control aspect of H&L is a great way to accurately monitor user activity, & check on the productivity of all your staff, instantly. As an example, you are now easily able to track sales of promotional items against profiles, to see who’s selling these items...allowing you (or a supplier) to accurately reward the efforts of those producing the actual results.

Our User Report Profiles allows the user to create a report profile & select which reports can be viewed & generated per profile. It is useful to single out the reports which are suitable for a particular job role within the organisation & likewise to hide reports that should be restricted to a higher level of access. Reports that have been disabled will simply not appear in the list of available reports when the user accesses reports via the application.

The system is incredibly flexible & customisable. User Access levels can be controlled by management, allowing different people to access specific parts of the system as you define.

Management can view performance reports i.e. report on sales in these different areas while still allowing them to share a common stock control area.

For example, a Restaurant location could be divided up into sections for General Dining, Outdoor Dining, Mezzanine or Balcony. The stock levels for each section are maintained in the Restaurant location, but the performance of each section can be reviewed using a variety of reports.

Our Clients Say ...

"We had a feeling some of our staff weren't pulling their weight. With H&L's intelligent system we soon found out who - and we got quite a surprise!

Sam Bygrave, J&J OBrien