Stressful driving all over town to check on your various venues' performance is now a thing of the past, thanks to H&L's brilliant Remote Management facility. Simply, connect to any venue to see any aspect of their performance - instantly, right on your iPhone or android. What a timesaver!

How much better & more efficiently will the management of your business be if you are now able to centrally manage these operational aspects as you require. Not only will you save time & increase efficiency, you are causing much less disruption & interference to the business & can even access or manage aspects out of normal business hours.

And how often do you consider cloning yourself? You cannot be in two places at once. Well with the H&L Management tools you can; electronically! You can now manage anything from 2 venues to 2,000! You can track all the key metrics live from your device!

That is smart thinking.

Our Clients Say ...

"I am impressed by the way I can now make logical decisions about any of my outlets without having to visit. H&L certainly make life easier.... I recommend them."