Targeted Campaigns

With very little or even no direct marketing experience, you can still effortlessly create & coordinate powerful campaigns. This brilliant system lets you easily consolidate all the information you acquire on patrons. That means you can very effectively target the right recipients at the right time for any promotion. You can even see exactly where your promotional activity is driving new business. For example as your promotion rolls out, you get instant feedback on its success - in terms of the number of patrons responding & their spend in any specific part of your enterprise. Even if this seems too hard - take heart. Some clients simply don't like doing marketing activities themselves!

That's why H&L will help you to any extent you want. Run campaigns entirely yourself or let us do everything. Or choose any path in between. Change your choice anytime you like!

We provide timely reports so you will know that the campaign has reached the intended audience. Your customers can keep up to date with the latest promotions; producing more effective marketing, increased efficiency & saving costs.