Analysis & Reporting

First, we help you to make highly effective Marketing campaigns.

Next, we show you how to check your success with thorough (but simple to read) analysis. See what transactions/sales are going to your actual members, compared to non-members sales.... on a time-stamped basis! In this way, you can easily measure exactly how powerful your H&L marketing campaign is, & glean ideas for improving the next one!

See the results of your campaign & decide if it is effective. Find out who you are reaching & determine if you are targeting the correct people, or if you need to make revisions to upcoming marketing campaigns.

With the business world as it is, it’s crucial that you can quantify all marketing spend & determine the return on investment.

Better still, with that valuable data you can target your campaigns, review their impact and compare to previous campaigns & reporting periods.


Our Clients Say ...

“Being able to see live data and know how our venues are trading at any point in time is critical to us. Managers are able to make immediate business decisions because the information is just there! No waiting, no manual data entry. H&L's Zen Global Web Reporting puts all the right info right in your lap. Anytime, anywhere.”

Adam Skinner POS & Inventory Systems Manager - Bavarian Hospitality Group, Argyle, Lowenbrau, Bavarian Bier Cafes, Cut Bar & Grill, Sake Restaurants