Entry Booth Solutions

Marketing intelligence starts with an acquisition of your customer's habits. That's why for many years, H&L have vigorously promoted use of our entry booth kiosks. These powerful yet simple systems capture the information you need to know. Your members are given magnetic stripe "membership" cards. Our system sees these & recognises your customer's entry into your venue. Further, your customer can swipe his/her card at each purchase, for "points". In these ways, you can compile facts like buying habits and activity times, as the basis for making sound marketing decisions & relevant promotions.

This makes your customer excited every time they visit the venue with a chance of winning something just for being there. As the manager of the venue you can track entry of all members regardless of whether or not they make a product purchase.

To further enhance the experience and results, you can use advertising screens as a quick point of reference as to what promotions are running in the venue, upcoming events & specials.

Everyone love a gift on their birthday. The Entry Booth Solution gives customers a reason to visit that venue for Birthday celebrations by offering special deals. Now you can make your customers feel special by remembering their birthday.


Our Clients Say ...

“Since we’ve been issuing membership cards for use at our club, & utilising these cards with point of sale discount, we have added value to our clients experience with us, which has seen our market share increase”

Cameron Taylor, President - CLUBS SA / General Manager - Para Hills Community Club Inc.