Gift Card Solutions

These little money spinners should be offered at every POS in your establishment. Why? Because they allow patrons to pay upfront for services (great for your cash flow) & they can be charged up with any value at any POS terminal. What's more, for complete flexibility they can be programmed for use in a single site or at any of your outlets.

Your gift cards are easily activated at the H&L POS, your customers don't have to wait around whilst a paper voucher is made & it’s also quick & easy process for staff to load value onto cards.

Regardless of the size of your business, this lets you compete with the big players when it comes to offering as a gift. These can be charged up to any value & recharged when getting low. What a great give-aways & prize for competition of special rewards.

What better way to improve sales as consumers will spend more, while helping you reach consumers who you would normally not reach. You’ll have access to the data trail, easily identifying where & when transactions happened.

Our Clients Say ...

"I love the flexibility & security of Zen Global Gift Cards, simple to use, easily branded for specific business units, easy to report on & most importantly simple for customers to use our venues.... no more paper gift vouchers!"

Adam Skinner POS & Inventory Systems Manager - Bavarian Hospitality Group - Argyle, Lowenbrau, Bavarian Bier Cafes, Cut Bar & Grill, Sake Restaurants