Loyalty Programs

No other loyalty scheme has the capacity to grow your business like H&L's. Customers can use the card from their favourite outlet to earn & redeem points at a single venue or multiple venues across your enterprise. You can set the points accruable at varying rates, according to the profitability of each area; for instance, you can give more points at bars than at bottle shops. Cards are easy to recharge & they keep spending customers very loyal to you. At the same time, you'll have the opportunity to cross-promote your business with non-competitive retailers increasing your database & your bottom line.

What better way to increase customer retention, increase revenue & communicate to the right customers. Your customers will always feel like the marketing they are receiving is relevant to them, the offers match what they like to purchase & you’re not wasting money sending information to people who are not interested.

The points balances are updated automatically & available for redemption immediately & your customers can redeem at various linked venues you have defined.

This program lets you get to know your customers and what’s in their shopping basket; thus you can then reward your good customers with personalised offers that will be waiting for them at the POS.

Our Clients Say ...

“Vision is the solution to in house marketing, easy access & the ability to stream internet content has made marketing to my customers easy, topical, effective and fun.”

Bevan Armstrong - Retail Operations Manager, Thirsty Camel WA