Vouchers & Offers

Vouchers are a quick and easy way to grab the attention of your customers & can be set up within minutes!

Available on various printers, you have the ability to set up a voucher to print on every receipt or on transactions which meet specified criteria.

With this feature, you will be able to cross promote areas within your venue. What better way to engage with customers who ordinarily wouldn’t spend as they weren’t aware of the services on offer? The loyalty & reputation of your venue will spread through word of mouth.

Do you have ‘sticky’ products? You know, the ones which are hard to sell. They’re great value but haven’t yet caught the attention of your customers. This system will enable you to put them front & centre with your customers.
Historically speaking, this has resulted in consumers buying more. That’s always a good thing! This also has the flexibility to offer rewards to your customers when you think they deserve them or when they buy something that you are promoting.

These vouchers are easy to access & scan at the POS. Handy & valuable to your business.