POS Systems for your business

More than just a POS - it's a point of sale solution that has powerful integration capabilities. H&L are a long-term provider and developer of POS solutions for hospitality in Australia, and proud of their success.

Why proud, you may ask? Not for our own accomplishments in providing POS Systems alone, but the success of our clients and their businesses. Without the success of H&L's hospitality clients, our point of sale software will have proven to be no more effective than the vast range of alternatives.

All of our products & solutions are integrated with our POS System & designed to give you absolute control of your business. Because without absolute control over inventory, staff, rosters, wages, customers, orders... and the list goes on, your business will struggle. So, we ensure point of sale system is a valuable asset to your business, irrespective of the size, scale and complexity.

If you’d like to learn more about our user friendly & efficient POS systems, contact one of our friendly staff today.

Secure & Reliable POS Systems

At each point of time, H&L’s prime focus is to ensure that your Point of Sale System is working seamlessly with all the systems that can improve your profitability, increase your revenue & enhance your productivity, whilst controlling costs & providing a better experience for staff & customers alike… and ultimately that is what you want and need.

Yes, our POS System seamlessly integrates with our tools as well as yours. It includes complete integration with H&L Workforce Management System, to give management access to “real time” Wages information instantly at any terminal – and wouldn’t that be a time saver and headache avoider! We also ensure your POS System can merge seamlessly with Zen Marketing & Loyalty, to maintain your customer loyalty programs, accept gift cards & feed information to an internet based Live & Historical Sales Reporting System. All this through the one powerful Integrated System.


  • User Messaging

    User Messaging

    The key to improving staff performance & engagement is clear communication between management & staff. With H&L you can now create messages for individual or multiple Users in the venue, ...

  • Price Control

    Price Control

    Have the power to set different standard prices, for different parts of day, or even for different days. H&L gives you that power, just as you would expect.Do you have low profit items? Are you ...

  • Booking Solutions

    Booking Solutions

    Are you ready to ditch the old diary, or get rid of your outdated electronic booking system?

  • Handheld POS

    Handheld POS

    Increasing your productivity is a Sinch! When it comes to efficient table ordering & bill requests, it can be done without ever leaving the customer's table. Your ability to deliver superior ...

  • Touchscreen POS

    Touchscreen POS

    The H&L Touchscreen POS, takes the guess work out of taking orders & managing customer sales. The POS system, enables fast, accurate recording of transactions, & the ability to tailor ...

  • Pre Authorisation

    Pre Authorisation

    Forget about bar-tabs. Now you use H&L's excellent Pre-Authorization system which allows your customers to sign off to an agreed value that can be deducted against their credit card - & you ...

  • Floor Plans and Table Maps

    Floor Plans and Table Maps

    See at a glance what is happening with progress at any of your tables. This allows you to profit by maximizing table turns, without having to run all over the restaurant.With the BooKBooK widget you ...

  • Till Balancing

    Till Balancing

    Safely know that the H&L POS allows you to balance cash, tills, bundle it, key it in & recognise what's been cleared.

  • Pay at the Table

    Pay at the Table

    With just the table number, each customer's transaction links directly from the handheld Tyro EFTPOS to your Point of Sale.Imagine - customers can now impulsively add a tip direct at the table. At ...

  • EFTPOS - Tyro

    EFTPOS - Tyro

    H&L's clever systems protect you from the kind of mis-keying issues that often occur with EFTPOS. That's because we've seamlessly integrated Tyro's EFTPOS terminals with your Point of Sale. ...

  • Remote POS Menu Maintenance

    Remote POS Menu Maintenance

    Each of your POS locations has unique requirements.Your bottle-shop is considerably different to your bar & to your dining room, for example.Obviously you need different functionality at each ...

  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    Running great liquor specials, offers & promotions in your retail outlet is now easy to set up & keep track of, with H&L’s powerful Mix & Match solution.With Mix & Match, ...

  • Delivery and Take Away

    Delivery and Take Away

    Whether your outlet is a dedicated takeaway business or even if this is merely an adjunct to your in-house dining, H&L makes life easier, yet again. Effortlessly summon up the right pricing at ...

  • Scanning Devices

    Scanning Devices

    Extra enhancements that will make your productivity soar & your security even tighter, are now at your fingertips. & we've got some clever add-ons for making marketing more powerful, ...

  • Label Printing

    Label Printing

    Simply print the labels you need for any retail liquor environment, with absolute ease.H&L bring you many of the formats you need, to suit just about every buying group you can ...

  • Checks & Covers

    Checks & Covers

    Knowing exactly what is going on in your venue gives you better planning & decision-making power.Knowing your revenue, occupancy, turnover & average spend per table is vital ...

  • Kitchen Printing & Monitors

    Kitchen Printing & Monitors

    Choose from a printer or a monitor. Either way, you get much better control than ever before. H&L's kitchen solutions allow for multiple orders & individual payments to be consolidated into ...

  • Online Ordering

    Online Ordering

    Imagine if you could effortlessly present an online ordering facility that integrated automatically with your POS solution? As you would expect, H&L have done it! In fact, H&L POS ordering ...

  • Promotions & Specials

    Promotions & Specials

    Co-ordinating & instigating promotions or specials used to be a headache. That was before you discovered H&L!

  • T@blet at the T@ble POS

    T@blet at the T@ble POS

    T@blet at the T@ble integrated into Point of Sale... ordering at your restaurant tables presents you with a wealth of benefits. H&L takes that one step further, by converging this revolutionary ...