Delivery and Take Away

Whether your outlet is a dedicated takeaway business or even if this is merely an adjunct to your in-house dining, H&L makes life easier, yet again. Effortlessly summon up the right pricing at the touch of a button. Keep track of your takeaway customers, by phone number or other tracking of your choice.

Automatically send a special docket to your kitchen complete with order pickup time... Collate marketing data. Get delivery directions.

Everything you need for total efficiency is right where you need it.

This creates convenience in not having to repeat details, it will save time entering information during future ordering & your staff can make suggestions from previous orders.

Our Clients Say ...

"Different prices from our main menu and takeaway items were constantly being overlooked by our junior staff - to our detriment. After moving to an H&L solution there's suddenly no more room for errors - and our healthier bank-balance confirms it!"