Handheld POS

Increasing your productivity is a Sinch! When it comes to efficient table ordering & bill requests, it can be done without ever leaving the customer's table. Your ability to deliver superior customer service in a time efficient manner - really is a Sinch! How much simpler will your business be with a mobile POS system.

Now you can enable wireless ordering from the table from a small & discreet handset, the Sinch!; with backlit screen, sturdy construction & long battery life. Better still, staff can see the order & table status & stay on the floor as required. No more double handling! Can you do without a handheld POS system?

As you enter the order, all items are charged to table prior to dispensing from the bar or kitchen. Now you have accurate transactions, balances & summaries, including running totals available on the screen & linked wirelessly to your POS systems in the venue, eliminating the majority of likely errors.

Our Clients Say ...

"We have been using the "Sinch" handheld POS systems in our venue for the last 5 years. There are so many benefits to embracing this technology that far outweigh the initial capital invested in them. We use two handheld POS systems for our 120 seat venue, for us this means that during a booked out service that only these two people are responsible for taking orders. This allows a stronger connection with our guests as they are only dealing with one staff member. The two staff using the handheld POS systems hardly run any food out as that job is completed by food & drink runners. This also allows for a better flow of dockets coming into your kitchen instead of five staff putting in orders simultaneously. There is no double handling and because orders are sent directly to the bar & kitchen the time between the order and it's completion is a streamlined seamless process with very little chance of any human error. Many venues are apprehensive to embrace this technology , as far as we're concerned the sinch units save us the two most most precious things in our industry , “time & money” The sinch handheld POS systems would save us at least one front of house staff member wage for every service we complete. I’m an old school operator in the sense that my focus is on customer service , the sinch units allow me to spend more time with my guests through their efficiency and accuracy. I’m blown away by the number of modern venues still using handwritten dockets , with staff wages on the increase the sinch handheld POS systems units are a fantastic tool to reduce wages and maximise efficiency and productivity".

Ben Vandeleur - Director, The Barn Bistro McLaren Vale