T@blet at the T@ble POS

T@blet at the T@ble integrated into Point of Sale... ordering at your restaurant tables presents you with a wealth of benefits. H&L takes that one step further, by converging this revolutionary tablet ordering system directly to your Point of Sale, for the ultimate in stock control, accuracy & accountability.

Please ask us for a demonstration & prepare to be amazed!

The T@blet at the T@ble is portable, therefore no more lining up for food or drinks as orders can be taken at the table. Customer are not inconvenienced by having to leave the table which overall creates a better dining experience.

Staff can key orders directly into the POS at the table & therefore don’t have to return to the Fixed POS to enter the customer order & potentially cause errors or delays. Again, this creates a better experience for your customers

You’ll now experience improved order delivery timing, as processing orders is a lot quicker when they are printed automatically in the kitchen or bar in the sequence received. No more running orders to bar or kitchen.

Better still, customers can be advised immediately if an item they have requested is not available, ensuring no delay in getting their order or reviing their choices. After all, you want to empower and accommodate your customers as much as possible.

Our Clients Say ...

"T@blet at the T@ble ordering at our tables gives us an exciting point of difference from our competitors. H&L makes it even more effective, by connecting it to our point of sale. That lets us keep track of everything."