Kitchen Printing & Monitors

Choose from a printer or a monitor. Either way, you get much better control than ever before. H&L's kitchen solutions allow for multiple orders & individual payments to be consolidated into one order for the kitchen. Simple, really! A monitor has the added benefit of allowing touch screen expediting. Printer options allow various formats to suit you. In each case, you'll also get a pick-list to save you even more time in fulfilling orders promptly.

This really does give you total control over floor to kitchen communications.

Now it is easy to read orders, removes errors through the messy writing of staff and provides a clear, consistent layout controlled by your Chef.

Your staff will now be able to see the process of the order, seeing just how long it has been since the order was taken, what meals have been extradited & what still needs to be done.

The system is powerful enough to send drinks to one printer & food orders to another. You can even separate entree, main & dessert along with a free text to ensure all requirements are relayed to the kitchen.

With these options the biggest benefit is that it is fast & it eliminates mistakes. And incredibly, with the touch of a finger staff can update preparation status, meaning less items are missed or served to wrong customers.

Printer Features

  • Ability to customise the look and feel of the docket
  • Ability to assign specific food and beverage requirements across multiple printers
  • Ability to allocate for fulfilment purposes