Mix and Match

Running great liquor specials, offers & promotions in your retail outlet is now easy to set up & keep track of, with H&L’s powerful Mix & Match solution.

With Mix & Match, Management has ultimate control, setting up the Offers & Bundle discounts, & all staff have to do is scan the items & the POS System does the rest.

Let's say you'd like to offer a special where patrons can choose any six red wines, to get a discount. No problem!

Now, let's say your customer has a trolley with white wines, red wines, spirits, soft drinks & so on.

Regardless of what order these items go through your H&L POS, the Mix & Match solution knows when you've achieved your target, (when all six of the red wines go through)... which sets off the discount relating to that transaction.
The point of sale, even reminds staff to add gifts or promotional items as appropriate, & will then keep track of that inventory as well.

For example, if someone buys a bottle of Jim Beam, along with a bottle of Coke, they might, for instance, be entitled to a Jim Beam hat. Our solution will automatically prompt staff to give away that Jim Beam hat. Clever, easy to use & effective. Just what you need!

The end result: all items are accurately accounted for & the “guess work” is taken out of the equation. Staff no longer need to “remember” promos, the promo will appear when scanned. Better still promotions won’t exceed time frames planned as they are controlled and activated by the central system.

This further reduces time taken to set up and increases staff efficiency with the automated prompts, also reducing the risk of human errors.

Our Clients Say ...

"I like the simplicity of the Mix and Match solution. This solution has decreased our error rates, improved our inventory management accuracy, increased our profitability significantly, reduced theft and most importantly improved customer service"