Pay at the Table

With just the table number, each customer's transaction links directly from the handheld Tyro EFTPOS to your Point of Sale.

Imagine - customers can now impulsively add a tip direct at the table. At the same time, your customer gets the added security of using his/her pin number, while retaining control of his card at all times. It all goes towards making you a venue-of-choice, naturally!

Most importantly it allows for faster service & as you know, that means greater turnover!

With all of the security you’d enjoy from a traditional EFTPOS machine, such as Chip Card & Pin features, you can finalise transactions without the customer having to leave the table. It also synchronises in real time table balance via the EFTPOS unit, gives you the ability to accept split bills and even automatically prompts for tips.

That’s convenience & security at your fingertips.

Our Clients Say ...

"Tips, frankly, had dropped off over recent years and we know that this has been de-motivating for staff. Since implementing H&L's handheld EFTPOS terminals, tips are through the roof and our staff are really firing on all cylinders again."