Pre Authorisation

Forget about bar-tabs. Now you use H&L's excellent Pre-Authorization system which allows your customers to sign off to an agreed value that can be deducted against their credit card - & you won't need to keep holding their card.

Customers are happier due to well-publicized fraud risks being averted, of course...& your cashflow is more secure, which is great for you! Ask us for more details today.

This has to be the smart way to guarantee bar tabs. Bar tabs are big money earners for bars & pubs but there are issues that can leave you counting the cost because of walk-outs, card & ID liability & card fraud.

Customers are happier and confident they will only be charged for what they use. Staff are happy because they don’t have to worry about walk-outs, holding onto cards & ID. And as the owner or manager of the venue, you’ll be happy because payment is always authorised & you avoid the risk of forgotten or misused cards.

Our Client Say ...

"At one of our establishments, customers would often run up tabs and leave, without reclaiming their credit cards. It was a big hassle with end-of-night procedures. H&L have straightened all that nonsense out, with their Pre-Auth facility. Brilliant!"