Price Control

Have the power to set different standard prices, for different parts of day, or even for different days. H&L gives you that power, just as you would expect.

Do you have low profit items? Are you certain which they are? Now you can single them out & rectify immediately. & what about the price changes you need to update in your venue? If you could schedule time switches to occur as you define, no need to worry about forgetting or having to watch the clock. The system does it for you.

Better still, when a specific promotion finishes, a standard label will print again to revert back to the original price. This completely removes the possibility of “forgetting” to update.

With H&L you have the ability to set price rules which can determine pricing policy from individual items to a whole range of products or an entire product family.

Our Clients Say ...

"I like how easy it is to price change for different day-parts....H&L are great!"

Sam Bygrave - J&J O'Brien