Promotions & Specials

Co-ordinating & instigating promotions or specials used to be a headache. That was before you discovered H&L!

We've automated the process & it's now so, so easy!

For promotions or happy hours, for instance, you can now have them switch on automatically by date range or by time range. More excitingly, this feature does lots more, besides.

Consider, for instance if you are in a bottle shop & you want to run a discount special. You can pre-allocate the time the special starts, the time it is to switch off, & the products it is to impact on. At the end of that promotion, it will tell you what products have sold & what sort of profitability that has had. In respect to happy hours & specials on your premises, these can be turned on & off at any allocated time.

This clever solution can also be used in reverse! For example if Sunday has a surcharge price or different price, the solution will automatically change your pricing accordingly. Then back to normal on Monday!

With H&L you will be able to pre-program promotions, discounts, surcharges or happy hours. The promotions are only available at the advertised times. Due to this being automatic the staff do not have to remember to change prices nor are they required to activate the promotion.

Discounts are only applied during times decided by management and are centrally controlled. You can control the period and timing. There is no discretion on when these events occur so staff are not held responsible by customers.

At the end of that promotion, the reporting mechanism will tell you what products have sold & what sort of profitability has been produced.

Our Clients Say ...

"Price changing for specials and happy hour used to be a headache. Now it's all automatic. Good stuff, H&L."