Booking Solutions

Are you ready to ditch the old diary, or get rid of your outdated electronic booking system?

BooKBooK is an advanced electronic booking system that seamlessly integrates to the H&L POS system. This means that your POS machines now become a bookings diary, and update instantaneously. Read more on integration here. Optimise your bookings process, and save time. How much is your time worth? Any extra moment that you spend on your bookings could be spent on the more important aspects of your venue, so let BooKBooK do the hard yards.

So what can BooKBooK offer you?

  • Never lose a booking
  • Automate your notifications
  • Seamlessly handle deposits
  • Hold all your bookings in one place
  • Meaningful reporting
  • Multi user licence means any staff member can take bookings
  • Increase table turnover
  • Process multiple bookings at once

Enable yourself to be in charge of your bookings, and make the best possible decisions to filter down through your staff. No longer will you need to decipher messy handwriting, it will all be clear as day.

In addition to the in house system you will be able to house online bookings that will be delivered to your POS system. Host your widget wherever you like, your Facebook, website, Instagram - the possibilities are endless. Ensure that any customer will be able to book without hassle 24/7, and save time simultaneously. They will know real time availability of your restaurant, all the way up until the kitchen closes. A feature only available with integration. You’ll enjoy less phone call traffic, and have more time to focus on the customers in your venue.

Build true organic growth of your business, and not only bring new customers in house - but also optimise the processes you already have in place. Read testimonials from current clients, and recognise the potential of your venue.

Consumers bookings are not lost, and will receive recognition for repeat dining. Additional service is delivered like dietary requirements being remembered & favourite food items. This ultimately reduces time in venue when taking a booking. You’ll never miss another booking, thus creating an increase in table turnover!

Are you ready to save time & money? Then visit the BooKBooK website to read more and organise a demo today!

Our Clients Say ...

"Our restaurant has been getting at least 20% more bookings since we got H&L to show us how to use this great solution. We put it down to less staff stuff-ups!"