Scanning Devices

Extra enhancements that will make your productivity soar & your security even tighter, are now at your fingertips. & we've got some clever add-ons for making marketing more powerful, too!

Please ask us about the multitude of clever devices which simply connect to your POS.

Here's just some of what's on offer.

First, beef up your security with fingerprint scanning for staff logons, as well as proximity readers (RFID).

Next, get timesaving facilities like barcode scanners & scales & magnetic cards for loyalty, allowing you to compile & use very helpful information to make marketing advances.

Once again, you can see how H&L is making it all so much easier for you. Please discuss any of these exciting advances with us, at any time.

The options can include:

  • Barcode Readers - Available as hand held or fixed models, Increases accuracy identifying products, Removes the need for keying or price tagging goods individually

  • Proximity Readers (Staff) - Increases Staff Security, Provides accurate sales data for each staff member, Provides a faster operation, therefore a better service for the customer, Available in Red, Blue & Black.

  • Proximity & Magnetic Strip Readers - The ability to instantly recognise loyal customers, The ability to track customer spend history, Able to apply discounts, manage offers and redeem points.

  • Scales - Integrated against individual products, Once product selected, the price is calculated by the product weight.

Our Clients Say ...

"Every time we invest in some extra device recommended by H&L, it quickly pays for itself in a few weeks."