Remote POS Menu Maintenance

Each of your POS locations has unique requirements.

Your bottle-shop is considerably different to your bar & to your dining room, for example.

Obviously you need different functionality at each POS, to match.

So H&L make that easy, by giving you the facility to quickly & easily make any changes that suit your management style.

From the comfort of your office, change anything you like, such as pricing, menu descriptions, keyboard make your POS at each location exactly right.
Naturally we'll guide you, but it's even easier than you'd think!

Our maintenance work does not disrupt the front of house sales process, can be structured to suit the requirements of the area being updated and your needs. Quick & easy changes can be made and maintenance can be controlled at the head office level for multi-site operation. That’s beneficial & convenient.

Our Clients Say ...

“We use one type of POS terminal throughout our group – and H&L’s clever system allows us to configure each one entirely different to suit each location. It streamlines everything, especially teaching new staff how to use the tills”

Adam Skinner POS & Inventory Systems Manager - Bavarian Hospitality Group, Argyle, Lowenbrau, Bavarian Bier Cafes, Cut Bar & Grill, Sake Restaurants