Till Balancing

Safely know that the H&L POS allows you to balance cash, tills, bundle it, key it in & recognise what's been cleared.

Naturally you need to know what's going on with all your tills, at any given moment. Let H&L keep you up to date, anytime you need to know.

H&L takes the laborious chore of reconciling tills, controls the cash in the till draw and does all of the calculations for you whilst recording every detail of your takings.

Now you can enjoy better security with the ability to track variances to a specific area or even staff member. This system enables management to accurately see any variances on the spot & quickly investigate. 

Our Clients Say ...

"Before our move to an H&L system, till-balancing could only occur at end of night. Any discrepancies caused some pretty short fuses! Now we can balance anytime and see exactly what's going on. It's great!"