Touchscreen POS

The H&L Touchscreen POS, takes the guess work out of taking orders & managing customer sales. The POS system, enables fast, accurate recording of transactions, & the ability to tailor each order to the customer’s exact requirement. E.g. They may wish to have a Steak, Medium with Peppercorn Sauce & a baked potato & sour cream, instead of the normal chips & salad. No problems; the order is accurately recorded & prompts staff to upsell other items, then when finalised is sent straight to the kitchen for processing.

At H&L we're not beholden to just one brand, so we take full advantage of price fluctuations from a variety of providers of touch screen POS systems, so we can always provide great value.

In a nutshell, it means savings, which is a further help to your bottom line.

Touchscreen POS systems provide faster & more accurate service to the customer, they’re quick & easy to use & include a built in on-screen keyboard to search all products. This also means management is provided with information that is accurate & the service of the customer is speedy. And how important is that in hospitality?

What does all this mean to your business? Customers will enjoy faster service. Staff are not embarrassed by having to serve the customers with slow or unreliable POS equipment. You’ll experience fewer breakdowns with your POS & have the benefit of greater speed & efficiency.

You now also have the ability to look at live reportable data, manage your floor staff better & even have something as simple as orders delivered at the same time to the table. Now that all leads to a better dining experience for the customers – & nothing creates more customers than the words of happy customers.

Our Clients Say ...

"I am the owner and manager a hotel and large liquor store which employ over 50 staff in Adelaide South Australia. Our business incorporates bars, gaming room, kitchen, dining room and retail liquor store. We have been using H&L Sysnet for our POS systems and office management system for over 15 years. The management system allows us to maintain our profits by aiding stock inventory, range control, evaluate shrinkage, set prices and monitor bonus stock and supplier rebates. Furthermore it is a fantastic point of sale tool for cash control as it allows a host of purchase options including "mix & match" giving discount for a combination of product. Additionally it monitors staff sale performance. Our partnership with H&L Sysnet and POS has given us complete control, and seen the business flourish. Therefore it is with absolute confidence that I recommend H&L Sysnet to any retail of hospitality business that wish to succeed."

Samuel Cufone - Managing Director Roulettes Tavern & Parafield Airport Liquor