H&L POS Security Systems

H&L POS Systems can provide you peace of mind and better control over your Venue.

If your POS system and venue are lacking in suitable security measures, wanting to better control shrinkage, cash management and staff, H&L POS have a solution for you.

Stay Safe and Secure with POS Security Systems

H&L POS systems can provide measures within your technology to enable a greater level of security, especially designed for hospitality, which gives your property unrivalled protection.

You can now empower and enable your manager to have a greater control over what’s going on, from their nearest POS and throughout the premises.

What’s more, the manager has the power to take instant action, safeguarding your employees and your property.

At the same time, H&L provides you with fast, frequent and effortless cash clearance of tills which dramatically reduces your risks.

Of course this is just a taste of the security excellence you can expect.

At H&L POS systems, we understand the need to tailor your security to meet your exact requirements. Our highly trained personnel can provide consultation and input to ensure that your needs are met. 

  • Pagers for your POS

    Pagers for your POS

    When things are bustling at POS terminals & your staff needs a manager present, (for example to bring cash to the till or to clear a till) the most efficient way to do this is with a pager.

  • Cash Security

    Cash Security

    Cash security has never been better thanks to H&L's ingenious two-punch combination.


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