Our smart & reliable workforce management software

Not all workforce management solutions have been created in an equal way. The right solution can save you hours in administration and eliminates archaic manual systems. For the past 25 years, we have been developing and refining our solutions, so you can focus your efforts where it matters in your business.

The H&L Workforce Management Solution includes a range of tools and devices that allow you to get the “Upper Hand” in reducing wage costs in your venue.

Smooth out workforce issues with time & attendance software

Key features of the workforce management software include:

  • Advanced roster scheduling including template & shift tools
  • Labour forecasting including labour versus sales
  • Record employee availability
  • Integrates with various payroll systems
  • User and role based security & functionality
  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Provides operational & productivity reports
  • Multiple concurrent user capabilities
  • Automated award interpretation
  • Set targeted wage costs by roster, cost centre & site
  • Fingerprint &/or facial recognition time & attendance options
  • Interactive ‘smart’ time attendance kiosk

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  • Forecasting


    Making your labour more profitable is one more powerful way in which H&L can help you to surge ahead. Here's how it works. To start, just use H&L's brilliant sales forecasting. Choose a ...

  • Award Compliance

    Award Compliance

    What if your work systems automatically guided you, on how to maximize your profit, in accordance with relevant Awards?Imagine no more.H&L is unrivalled in the way it does this.For instance, your ...

  • Staff Rosters

    Staff Rosters

    We've made rostering so easy that you'll effortlessly increase profitability. Keep your labour costs under control!

  • Clock-On Kiosk

    Clock-On Kiosk

    You won't ever go back to the old methods of tracking staff attendance!The Clock-on Kiosk allows you to keep accurate track of the true arrival time & departure time (or breaks) of each of your ...

  • Time and Attendance

    Time and Attendance

    H&L gives you a solution that lets you save time & money on critical rostering information at the touch of a button.With a time capture feed from multiple different "time clock" devices you ...

  • Payroll Integration

    Payroll Integration

    The Workforce Management tool from H&L includes an automated payroll integration facility. This not only saves an enormous amount of time usually spent manually entering data, it also removes the ...