Time and Attendance

H&L gives you a solution that lets you save time & money on critical rostering information at the touch of a button.

With a time capture feed from multiple different "time clock" devices you will now have a more efficient approval process, saving time. You’ll have the ability to automatically approve shifts that don't differ from scheduled times, giving you excellent tracking of who does what when.

A complete audit trail of clocked times, adjusted times & approvals will provide managers with the answers to employee queries about pay; & transparency with your staff means greater engagement, loyalty & retention.

The system can easily identify variances between scheduled & worked times before approving the rosters, it will eliminate ‘time creep’ through early starts & late finishes & identify problem areas means you can act on improving rosters & saving costs.

Our Clients Say ...

"Clock in, clock off. All staff have to do it , but we reckon it saves us a lot, and H&L's solution is effortless."